This FREE devotional app praises Jesus and honors His wounds with prayers revealed to St. Bridget of Sweden. Bonus sections include prayers and scripture.

Saint Bridget prayed for a long time to know how many blows Our Lord suffered during His terrible Passion. Rewarding her patience, He appeared to her and said: I received 5475 blows upon My Body. If you wish to honor each of them in some way, pray the following prayers each for a whole year. When the year is over, you will have honored each of my Wounds.

This useful app helps you access these prayers said for a year.

This app started as a wish to honor the wounds of Jesus with the prayers revealed to St. Bridget of Sweden. These prayers are said daily for a year. This app is loaded directly to a device that allows access to the prayers without connectivity to the internet or the need of carrying a book. A love for Jesus was the reason to add a devotional of various praise and prayers to this app.

The devil is roaming the world looking for easy prey. Make him look elsewhere by wearing something blessed and with prayer throughout the day. This little prayer can be easily recited a dozen times a day: God of Love, my life is in your hands. My wish for you is that this app allows easy access for prayer throughout the day in order to continue to open your heart, so that prayer becomes a real joy.

Deacon Jim Ricketts

Rev. Mr. James Ricketts is an ordained Permanent Deacon in the Roman Catholic Church